"Women Only" by Karl Lagerfeld Fall-Winter 2013/14 pre-collection.

Featuring: Cara Delevinge, Lindsey Wixon, Xiao Wen Ju, Aymeline Valade, Edie Campbell, Julia Nobis Kati Nescher, Ming Xi, Soo Joo and many many more.

Hmmm….  Classic Chanel styled for modern girls.

I loved the styling in this, but the actual execution of the video could have been better in my opinion… maybe a few brown girls would have been nice too.


kathleen hanna on babes in toyland, courtney love on kim gordon, niki from huggy bear on the supremes and aretha franklin, kim gordon on janet jackson


Luxe sculptured emboss + foil stamped business cards for luxury handbag designer Thalé Blanc. The sculpted emboss is hand-carved to obtain the character detail—in this case, the Thalé Blanc signature cheetah logo—when pressed into the paper.

Prada “Therapy” directed by Roman Polanski. Starring Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Kingsley.

Cool!! PBS remix of Mr. Rogers by John D Boswell for a project titled Musical Science

Flying First Class.

@tom_sachs Last week for SPACE PROGRAM: MARS. Always knolling.

Grimes “What’s in my bag” (musical influences) at Amoeba.

Beth Ditto from the Gossip’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

@chanel @azealiabanks  The Little Black Jacket, 3 day event.